A Clean Body is a Beautiful Body

Natural Health Author Kimberly Snyder speaks of “beauty and health interchangeably, and how it is a natural law that you cannot be truly and fully beautiful until you are in superior health. Our body’s systems are always trying to maintain perfect balance, which leads to the most superb health and beauty, but this is only possible once we have cleansed ourselves of toxic material, both the old sludge and the new sludge that accumulates constantly. Why? It all comes down to digestion and how much Beauty Energy we have”.

“Remember that our bodies are designed for survival, so the energy will go first to maintain our life-sustaining processes and internal organs. Keeping our skin wrinkle free and our hair shiny is of little concern to our bodies when our livers are overloaded with waste, our adrenals are exhausted and our intestines are all backed up!”.

“Now that you know how much energy the body spends to digest food, it makes sense that the more efficiently we digest food (or the less energy the body has to spend on digesting) the more energy the body has to clean out the old toxic material and perform all those beautifying processes. The toxic sludge amasses at a much quicker pace when we are not digesting our food efficiently”.

“Detoxing ourselves by getting rid of old waste is key to allowing our digestions to function optimally. When we loosen the toxic sludge, our energy will automatically increase as our bodies will be able to perform digestive and other functions efficiently and with much less effort. Thanks to our renewed energy, we will also lose weight and look years or even decades younger. Our skin will radiate and our hair will grown in with vibrant body and a healthy sheen”.


(Snyder, K. 2011).

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