Yin Yoga

Yin is a passive and supportive practice which opens the fascia (connective tissue). It increases flexibility in the joints & ligaments, reduces muscle soreness, helps to prevent injury, speed up recovery & improves your body’s performance. Yin is deeply relaxing for the mind & body & increases your awareness, mental clarity & focus. It is perfect for those who are stressed, athletes, people with chronic pain, or health issues such as fatigue. Suitable for all levels & abilities.

Vinyasa Yoga

Yang Yoga/Vinyasa is an active practice working on the (Yang) muscles and blood flow, building strength, stamina and flexibility.

Yin to Yang Yoga

Would you like to find more balance in your life? This class is for you! Start with passively held Yin poses to lengthen & lubricate the fascia (connective tissue), bring balance to the organs, calm the mind & reduce stress. Finish the class with Yang poses, connecting movement with breath, building strength & tone to the muscles & move into your day with energy & focus. Suitable for all levels & abilities.

Flow Yoga & Mindfulness

Begin class with a dynamic vinyasa flow where we connect movement with the breath to increase strength, stamina, flexibility, energy flow & mental focus. End with guided mindfulness practices & discussions about various topics. Learn to easily relax the body & calm the mind. Reduce stress, anxiety & depression. Find more joy, clarity and ease in your life. Suitable for all levels & abilities.


Learn a variety of mindfulness techniques to quickly and easily switch on the relaxation response. Get out of fight-or-flight mode, the body’s stress response, which, when activated too often, causes disease. This mindfulness class is perfect for you if you have trouble with stress, chronic pain, mental/emotional suffering, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, or would simply like to learn to relax. Suitable for all levels & abilities.

Meditation & Sound Bowl

Come and immerse yourself in the ancient healing properties of sound. It’s becoming more and more known how powerful sound is and the remarkable effect it has on our over all wellbeing. Using her own voice, crystal bowls, drumming, and other tools of sound, you will be blown away by how at peace and aligned you feel afterwards.


Discover how to deepen the breath and its benefits, we’ll learn about the cause and effect of the stress response and its impact on our health. Together we will explore a variety of mediation styles to open our hearts and mind.