Ben Mackinnon

Yin Yoga

Yin is a passive and supportive practice which opens the fascia (connective tissue). It increases flexibility in the joints & ligaments, reduces muscle soreness, helps to prevent injury, speed up recovery & improves your body’s performance. Yin is deeply relaxing for the mind & body & increases your awareness, mental clarity & focus. It is perfect for those who are stressed, athletes, people with chronic pain, or health issues such as fatigue. Suitable for all levels & abilities.

Vinyasa Yoga

Yang Yoga/Vinyasa is an active practice working on the (Yang) muscles and blood flow, building strength, stamina and flexibility.

Slow Flow Yoga

Slow flow yoga brings the element of time into your practice. Moving slowly and mindfully with the breath allowing your body to find the perfect alignment and deep stretch 

Meditation & Sound Bowl

Come and immerse yourself in the ancient healing properties of sound. It’s becoming more and more known how powerful sound is and the remarkable effect it has on our over all wellbeing. Using her own voice, crystal bowls, drumming, and other tools of sound, you will be blown away by how at peace and aligned you feel afterwards.

Pranayama Vinyasa & Mantra Meditation

A generous and well needed 75 min class including comprehensive Pranayama, retentions and movement to breath. Vinyassa Flow to make the body pliable, flexible and strong. Inversions to nourish the brain and deep Yin style stretching to release the days tensions. All rounded off with a Mantra Based Sound meditation. What more could you ask for from a yoga class!

Pranayama Yin and Sound Meditation

In this 75 min internal journey we combine the transformative power of Pranayama with the simple beauty of Yin to release long held fascial tension. All rounded off with a sound based lying meditation using the unblocking vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Not a bad way to finish off a day and prepare for sleep!