Rebekah always envisioned a place where her clients could come together in one central hub for all their health and wellness needs – hence the birth of Yes2Health Wellness Clinic in 2009.

Qualified in Naturopathy, Rebekah is able to tailor your consultation to accommodate your specific needs whether it be for nutritional advice, to commence a detox or general health recommendations for a health condition/improvement of one’s health.

Yes2Health’s approach is holistic and takes into consideration the mind, body and spirit with key importance placed upon prevention of disease.

Yes2Health also includes our Studio with Yoga and Meditation classes. Hypnotherapist Christina is on hand to help with your emotional and mental health and specialises in assisting you with addictions and also provides gastric banding hypnosis.

Our team approach is to work together to help you achieve your individual health & wellbeing goals in an environment which is friendly and encouraging.

Early Stages

Inspired by my dad who is a doctor and my mum who is a nurse, I decided in my early 30’s that I wanted to become a nurse. I enjoyed nursing and working in the surgical ward/maternity ward and the special care nursery with babies. However my passion for natural health and nutrition got the better of me so I enrolled in University to become a Naturopath. It always seemed quite clear to me that in order to help people, I had to work on both the physical and mental/emotional side of things which is why I loved learning about Naturopathy and the healing power of nature. I then had the opportunity to work at Hopewood Health Retreat. It was such an incredible place to work and help clients to cleanse and fast (juices or water only) overcoming many health obstacles. My time as a Naturopath at Hopewood taught me to improve health conditions with the use of Nutrition and Fasting alone. Supplements and Herbal Medicine were not used during stays at Hopewood and it was actually very rewarding to assist people to return to health with healthy nutritious food on it’s own and basic lifestyle principles such as sunshine, fresh air, breathing exercises and meditation.

Further Studies

With my Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Naturopathic Studies), my Graduate Diploma (Naturopathy) and my Diploma of Remedial Massage I was able to open Yes2Health. I then went onto do my Masters in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture but never made it to China to complete more practical hours. Oh well these things happen! A few years later in clinic, after sending many clients to another Colon Hydrotherapist in Bankstown for Colonics I decided to study Colon Hydrotherapy and started providing Colonics as part of many treatment protocols. I enjoy educating and guiding the community on how to improve their digestive health and hence overall health. A big focus is on nutrition and helping people to understand and place more importance on what they consume and why. I am 100% plant based with my own diet and have a plant based recipe book I am working on to motivate and inspire you all even more. Stay Tuned!

(B. App. Sc (Nat St), Grad Dip (Nat), Dip RMT, MATMS)