A journey, deep into yourself and into the healing and aligning balm that sound layers over you and within you.

The Crystal bowls and other sound tools are deeply soothing. The light languages, ancient toning and song take you into another atmosphere where you are releasing and aligning yourself with the depths of your soul. A very unique experience. Angelic, Galactic, Ancient, Earthly. All of the beings come play.

For those that are at all layers of spiritual awareness. From simply seeking peace in the mind right through to seeking to see beyond this/their current world and awaken the gifts within.

Many experiences happen in these sessions, unique to each and their own. It is a loving tribe vibe, kindness and camaraderie flows.

Also…a lot of LOVE is beamed through, and to you. The force of Love and Acceptance is strong.

Try it out, see if it suits you. You have nothing to lose, well except stress, fears, self doubt, mental turmoil, etc!

You may just find yourself, the part of you that you were not even aware was missing until you are reunited in a joyful moment of recollection and union. Like finding that adored and favoured item that you thought you had lost years ago.

It takes dedication, to release yourself, and truly begin to awaken. To achieve inner peace and maintain it throughout your days.

So why not try out dedicating yourself to this one night a week, a few hours on a Tuesday evening, in good company in many ways, physically and spiritually.

See for yourself. 🙏

Every Tues at 7pm – tickets must be purchased online $20