7 Day Plant Powered Vitality Program

A Nurturing 7 Day Reset


The decision to feel good & be healthy is yours. No-one can make changes but you…… Are you sick of not feeling your best self? Do you realise that what you put in your body is instrumental in achieving optimal health? This program although only 7 days long, is long enough to help you establish some really healthy habits and is a very sustainable and healthy way of living.  


This program is designed to take you back to simplicity and real food. Taking you away from processed food and toxins.  By consuming pure nutrient dense whole plant foods, we get to reconnect with nature, with ourselves and everything around us. You can now create the health in your life that you really want as you will finally feel the vast array of benefits that come from treating nourishing your body. The mind and body are so connected so as we cleanse the physical & digestion improves,  emotions are also going to be affected & you will feel more clarity, focus & peace of mind. Daily Meditation and Journaling is recommended during your cleanse as it is a huge journey into self love and nourishing yourself.


This isn’t a fad diet, it is an actual sustainable lifestyle that many of my clients follow and thrive on permanently. This way of eating can slowly start to improve your health in so many ways such as by lowering blood pressure, lowering blood sugar levels, lowering body fat, improving cognition, reducing aches & pains. When you consume less inflammatory foods and less animal proteins, the body will respond and you will be so happy with the health improvements.


Don’t you want to feel amazing in this life and therefore enjoy each day to the fullest? Many diets don’t work in the long run as you can’t adhere to them, you may achieve weight loss results quickly, but keeping it off is the hard part due to them being unsustainable. Also many other diets like keto and paleo don’t have as many health benefits as a plant based lifestyle as they contain animal proteins, a lot of saturated fat and create an acidic environment full of inflammation in the body. The longest living people in the world who live in the ‘blue zones’  and most often live to the age of 100, eat a predominantly plant based diet with the majority of their calories coming from fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains & nuts. Approximately 95% of their meals don’t contain any meat and rather they focus on lentils, fave beans, black beans & soy beans with very little to no processed foods.



Increase energy & vitality, clearer skin, better digestion, improved quality of sleep, increase in brain function, clarity and more grounded emotions, less aches and pains.



This program goes for 7 days which is a short time but it can have a huge impact on your life. Upon completion, I hope that you are motivated to continue this way of living.


Program Includes:

1 x 30mn Online Naturopathic Consultation (Skye/Zoom) + Plant Based Nutritional Plan + 1 x Organic Raw Greens Powder + 1 x Gut Detox Powder


You may choose to undertake at home enemas as part of your program (but that is entirely up to you). Enema kits can be purchased online and help you to feel a lot better during your cleanse. There can be quite a build up of waste in your large intestine that accumulates over the years, contributing to constipation, malabsorption, inflammatory bowel diseases and other chronic illnesses. As you undergo this program, your body will also begin to detox as you have eliminated  processed foods,  chemicals, preservatives, toxins and sugar which means more toxins will be moved into the colon for elimination. Colonics each week will allow the removal of much of this toxic waste and therefore reduce autointoxication (the reabsorption of toxins you should be eliminating) & symptoms of detox that may be experienced depending on your previous eating habits & lifestyle (headache, migraine, fatigue, aches & pains). You can book a colonic as an extra service online for $150




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